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The LOve for OPERA

StarTs Here !

      OUR OPERAS    

Citizen Artists Kids Ltd_edited.png
  • the greatest operas shortened

  • digitally illustrated

  • each Act of our operas concludes with an interactive Quiz

  • sung in original language

  • narrated in English


  • unique family experience

  • live opera performances

  • fun and participative

  • led by up-and-coming opera stars 

      OUR OPERAS      

Tailor-made for our children

We exclusively produce, shorten and digitally illustrate some of the most popular operas, by the greatest composers ! Mozart, Verdi, Puccini, Bizet (...)

Our operas are divided into Acts and each of the Acts comes with an interactive Quiz reinforcing the understanding of  the story/synopsis


As for the Fun Facts, they are more music focused and help learning about the composer, the main characters voices and include more Opera singing extracts.


Suitable for children from age 6 and up!

Citizen Artists Kids Ltd_edited.png

        LIVE EVENTS       

Limited spaces - Don't miss out

Our live performances give an immersive introduction into the world of opera.

  • Interactive introduction on What is Opera?

  • Live performances by opera singers

  • The screening of one of our operas 

  • Participative singing, conducting workshop and other musical fun

The events last  55 min, and at the end the children will have a chance to chat with and ask questions to the performers!



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Claire Bretaudeau

 General Director 

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 14.26.03.png

Alexander Jeffries

 Marketing Director 

Sonia Ben Santamaria

 Artistic Director 

" Petite Opera House is family! The three of us are great friends and Opera goers so when we became parents we naturally wanted to share our passion for the art form with our Kids but we couldn't find a fun, accessible and interactive platform for it!


Petite Opera House is born from our will to share our love for Opera with our Kids! "

Claire, Sonia & Alex 


" It's brilliant! Petite Opera House have created a fun and educational programme put across in  an accessible way without dumbing down any of the content. "

Anna Patalong

British Youth Opera CEO, Opera Singer  and Mum of Scarlet


Petite Opera House is a unique and engaging way to introduce your little ones to the wonderful world of opera, one cute cartoon at a time."

Camilla Kerslake

Best selling BRIT nominated Soprano, Mum of Wilding 

Immerse your children in the magical world of classical Music!